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Mélodium programs can be used in different forms:

  • project in tree form,
  • packaged project,
  • standalone script file.

Once a project is established, it is generally easier to package it for distribution than to distribute the entire project tree.

Jeu File

Mélodium has a format for packaging and distributing programs: the Jeu .jeu format.

This format allows you to have a single file containing all the elements necessary for the program to function, independently of any external element (other than the Mélodium engine). In addition to this, Jeu files have the advantage of being executable on machines where Mélodium is installed, which is not the case for a complete project tree.

To generate a Jeu file from a project, the melodium jeu command is available, <project> being the location of the project to be packaged, and <file> the Jeu file:

$ melodium jeu build <project> <file>

Packaging into a Jeu file by Mélodium is a reversible operation, in particular using the melodium jeu extract command.

The resulting .jeu file is distributable as-is.

Standalone Script

Mélodium supports standalone scripts, particularly for server administration use cases, in a similar way to Shell files.

Self-sufficient Mélodium script files can be used like any Mélodium program, and calling them does not differ in any way from any other program, except that they end in .mel like any Mélodium file.


See the Mélodium Language Book for extensive documentation of standalone scripts.

📖 Mélodium Language Book