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For machines

Designed to run everywhere possible.


By design, Mélodium can run on machines equipped with 32 or 64 bits processors, from x86, ARM, RISC-V, S390x or other computing architectures. By being system-agnostic, the engine is able to run on many operating systems, such as Linux, Windows, Mac, but also many others.


Mélodium can run on very limited systems up to large computing machines. From embedded devices to heavy servers, Mélodium is designed to fit for many kind of machines.


Some systems are very specific, and don't even have notions of filesystem or executable. Some others just need something that exactly fits in place, without any overhead. Mélodium engine is able to compile itself with a given Mélodium program for specific target, resulting in a binary containing only elements needed and no more script interpretation layer. Ideal for embedded devices or dedicated computers.