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For users

End users get benefits from a light but powerful execution engine.


Quick installation. No notices. Adapts to terminal used, wether it is a powerful pro machine, comfortable laptop, touchpad or smartphone. Mélodium makes things works and keeps silently proud of.


With full binary less than 20MiB, integrating standard library, Mélodium don't take more space than a high resolution picture on end user device. No hundreds of megabytes to download and install.

Extensively multiplatform

Mélodium works natively on many operating systems and architectures, including most common ones such as Linux, Mac OS, Windows, Android, or iOS. Intel, AMD, or ARM processors are supported, as 32 and 64 bits.

For users working on special environments, more specific systems are supported, such as Solaris or BSD, as well as MIPS or RISC-V architectures.

Mélodium can even run in browser with WebAssembly!