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Open source software

Mélodium, as language, environment, and execution engine, is a free and open source software.

Open development

The Mélodium development process is open to contributions and analysis from all actors of software engineering, scientific, academic, and industrial fields. The source code is freely accessible to all, allowing total transparency over the software content as well as inspection and review, benefiting continuous improvement.

Usage and distribution freedom

Usage of Mélodium is free, as well as distributing it. Users can reproduce, sell, modify as they need the content of Mélodium project, within the legal framework defined by the EUPL open source licence.

European Union Public License

The European Union Public License, EUPL, is an open source software license designed to match legal, linguistical, and industrial needs of the open source actors of the European Union.

Compatible with open source licenses such as GNU General Public License, Open Software License, or Mozilla Public License, it conforms with legal usage and law of the members states of the Union, ensuring legal security, while officially translated and valid in the 23 official languages of the Union, without predominance of one translation over another.