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Language and operating engine

Manage streams

Mélodium enables management of data streams and signals with high resiliency, define what happens to data and how connected they are.

Light and powerful

Mélodium is designed to be light while making full use of available computing ressources. Makes more with less.

Portable and interoperable

Mélodium can run on many systems and architectures, and interoperates with many languages and technologies.


They support Mélodium

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Programming with streams

Hyperscalable and universal

Stream illustration

Mélodium is stream-oriented development technology.

It enables full use of technical ressources available on machines, scaling horizontally and vertically.
By programming data flows and signal triggers, developers can focus on true business logic and enhance their productivity.

Mélodium engine manages execution flow and design safety, eliminating full ranges of bugs and providing high quality software.

Script vs. compiled

Both have benefits

Balance illustration

Mélodium works both as script language and compiled executable.

• Script fits best for development, sharing project across platforms, and quick deployment.
• Compiled binary fits best for runtime efficiency, fully autonomous systems, and optimized environments.

Choose what is the best approach for each project, change your mind at any time.

Light and portable

Light and modular, works on many OSes and architectures

Portability illustration

Full binaries less than 20MiB. Works with Linux, Mac OS, Windows, BSD, iOS, Android, Solaris and more.
Runs on embedded devices, smartphones, desktop, servers, and supercomputers.
Supports architectures Intel x86, AMD64, ARM, RISC-V, S390x and other.

With longterm support and ability to run even on 20-years-old 32 bits hardware, Mélodium is an up-to-date development technology for the needs of our times.


Integrates with other languages and ecosystems

API illustration

Mélodium can work with many languages, as host or embedded library.
Programs can be easily containerized with Docker or Podman if required.

Written in Rust, recognized for its safety, Mélodium engine have access to the whole Rust ecosystem, while not being limited to it.
Languages as JavaScript, Python, Java, C, C++, Go, Ruby, or C# are being actively added to support.

Mélodium can be used with common development tools, versionning systems like Git, and integrated easily in CI/CD.