A dataflow-oriented language and tool, focusing on treatments applied on data, allowing high scalability and massive processing safely.

What is Mélodium?

Mélodium is a dataflow-oriented language, aim to build data transformation and logical chains of actions.

It is highly scalable, using parallelization and asynchronous work to exploit the maximum capacity of your hardware or cloud engine. Make analysis of huge and nonusual data possible, such as analog signals, continuous streams, audio, video, and many other.

Signal processing

Processing continuous audio streams and turning it into exploitable elements.

Signal analysis rendering

Big data parsing

Extracting and recovering meaningful informations from huge data ensembles.

Big data illustration

Streams classification

Analysing streams and providing useful triggers for various software systems.

HPCP rendering
Development tools

For developers

Designed for developers, usable with common development tools, versionning systems, and easy to deploy.

  • Script is truth
  • Code review
  • Simple build

For users

Designed for users, Compositeur is a ligth editor, synchronous with code, usable by anyone understanding business logic, without typing code.


Mélodium graph representation

Engine made from Rust

Recognized for its safety. Huge and growing community. Close to the machine. Wide environment. Supported at the core of OS like Linux and Windows.


Contact author

Mélodium is developed by Quentin Vignaud, software and data engineer. If you are interested by the project, do not hesitate to get in touch.